2008 - Mylerna
Wow, what can I say! It was a year challenge and a year of great change. First of all we can’t ignore the fact that the country spiraled into a recession the likes of which I have never seen. A mortgage crisis has hit the nation like a tidal wave with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and home. And gas prices soared to over $4 a gallon. On a more personal level Jack and I had a good year in our marriage, but it was a challenging year. One where we fought and made up, where we compromised and learned, one where I believe ultimately we grew as a couple. It was also the year we bought a house with a basement apartment for my mother and moved to Mableton. Having her live with us is something I'm glad we did and I love it - however, it has been an adjustment. One we will continue to make in 2009 I'm sure. Professional it has been tough. The company I work for was on the verge of bankruptcy and was eventually acquired by another larger company. We will just have to wait and see how things unfold. Overall it was a good year, but challenging to say the least. We did take a few small trips which were fun and cataloged below. I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
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