2004 - Mylerna

Man, 2004 was a big year. Lots of life altering events occurred and they were all documented in photos. I love photography, have I mentioned that? I actually bought my Canon Digital Rebel and began my journey into photography in this fabulous year.. I haven't gotten much better since 04, but I still love it...

Anyway, we have photos of almost all the events of the year. The pictures are uploaded here - did I tell you it was a big year? It encompassed several things, but the highlights are: My Father Passed Away, I graduated from NGCSU with a BA in BS (actually Business Management but BS is probably more accurate), I got married to the man of my dreams and we went on an awesome Honeymoon! Whew What a Mouth Full - Told you it was a big year. Thanks for stopping by to share in my life - Hope you enjoy.

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